Thursday, February 07, 2013

Zina (Adultery) | Solution In Islam

This immodest act destructs the foundation of human societies and crushes the family units. It generates selfishness and brutality in the society.

The only way to overcome this social evil is to follow the instructions laid down by the holy scriptures which at this moment are preserved by Holy Quran. The summary of these instructions is that we have to avoid the paths which take people to this stage.

Zina (Adultery) | Solution In IslamThe useful steps by which fornication and adultery can be stopped in a society are as follows:

1.Proper Hijab.

2.Segregation of genders.
3.Marriages at early ages.
5.Proper education of Quran and Hadith.
6.Regularity in prayers.
7.Frequent fasting.
8.Good company.
9.Parental control.
10.Avoiding dirty media .
11.Implementation of Islamic punishments.

May Allah save our societies and families from this dirty crime Ameen.

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